‘Lady Gaga’s Plastic Surgery’ What is the Truth Behind it?

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Lady Gaga’s plastic surgery is a hot topic among her viewers and followers. She is an American singer, songwriter, and artist. It is rumored that she has gone through some beauty enhancement treatments to look beautiful and perfect. In this article, we’ll find the truth behind Lady Gaga plastic surgery and the obvious facts that lead to doubt her for having beauty enhancement treatments.

Plastic surgery has now become so much common and about every celebrity has gone through this process to get the desired look. It has now become a necessity for celebrities to look perfect in order to fulfill their job requirement. It is thought that having such plastic surgeries to enhance beauty would increase success and fame.


What Lady Gaga Said About Plastic Surgery:

In 2011, she gave an interview to Harper’s Bazaar in which she justified herself for not having plastic surgery ever. She said that many pop singers have plastic surgery, but she will never have it because she thinks that it is a way to promote insecurity.


How Lady Gaga Looks Then and Now:

Well, it is clearly visible from the above picture that how much she has transformed in a few years. You can notice by yourself that how much she is changed. Her nose, cheeks, chin, and lips all look different in the above then and now picture.

Rhinoplasty/Nose Job:

Lady Gaga, once admitted that she was being bullied about her nose when she was in school. She said in Cosmopolitan Magazine that she had a big nose and was overweight for which she got made fun of.
Once she also told about being pressurized for having a nose job to meet industry demands. She said that when her first single came out, she was suggested to have a nose job, but she will never choose to have it. She also added if people want her to look like a sexpot, she will do the opposite.

Despite she always used to deny having such plastic surgeries to change her appearance, her old and new pictures reveal the truth which can not be ignored. Let’s have a look at one of her pictures.

It is visible in the above picture that now her nose is perfectly straight, and the tip of the nose looks more refined and better.

Lip Surgery:

A beautiful smile is very important for a celebrity. Many artists undergo lip surgery to become more attractive and beautiful.
Lady Gaga also had fillers injected into her lips. After surgery, her lips become more filled up and juicy which is clear evidence of using lip fillers. Now, her smile becomes more beautiful than ever. The above picture clearly shows the difference between her previous and altered lips.

Botox Injections :

To look young and flawless is the dream of everyone. However, one cannot be young forever as growing age brings wrinkles and folds on the skin. Botox injection is one of the solutions for aging problems.
Lady Gaga is also among those celebrities who had Botox injections into their faces to look younger than their actual age. Lady Gaga herself admitted for having facial injections. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, she randomly spoke about her addiction to facial fillers and injections.


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