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New York’s real estate industry is impacted by rising sea levels


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An unprecedented threat is being unleashed on New York real estate. The combination of massive skyscrapers and rising sea levels plunges the city into a looming crisis.according to a recent study.


As sea levels rise at an alarming rate, built-up areas like New York are experiencing accelerated subsidence, four times faster than less built-up areas.

Challenges for the real estate sector

The greatest danger to New York is the real estate industry’s lack of preparedness for natural disasters. Despite the rise in sea levels, they are the imposing skyscrapers and the fragility of the properties increase the risk.

With a population of 8.4 million and parts of Manhattan just a few feet above sea level, the city ranks third in the world in flood exposure.


Impact on infrastructure and energy efficiency

Lower Manhattan, followed by Brooklyn and Manhattan, are most at risk because of their location, bedrock, and the weight of the buildings. New York’s slow sinking makes it more vulnerable to natural disasters.

In addition, greenhouse gas emissions are weakening the natural defenses of the east coast of the United States, hurricanes intensify and increase their danger. Buildings, even those built after Hurricane Sandy, are not prepared to withstand the destructive force of these extreme weather events.

Climate change threatens the real estate sector in New York
the city of New York. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Adaptation and resilience: the road to sustainability

In this critical scenario, it is crucial that the city and the real estate sector actively address the challenges. The adoption of green building and design practices, as well as the use of green technologies and the promotion of energy efficiency, are essential measures to mitigate impacts.


It is imperative to promote adaptation and resilience in sustainable urban developmentwhich guarantees a prosperous future for the city and its inhabitants.

Towards a sustainable future

The need for innovative solutions and the active participation of the real estate sector are evident. The battle must be a priority to ensure New York’s survival.

It is time to take concrete measures and protect the city’s heritage and well-being. Resilience to natural disasters and building a sustainable future is the only way forward.


Real estate in New York is facing an unprecedented threat. Rising sea levels and the real estate sector’s lack of preparation are plunging the city into a looming crisis. With an expected sea level rise of between 200 and 600 mm in 2050, built-up areas such as New York are sinking four times faster than less built-up areas.

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