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Zelensky seeks support in Saudi Arabia amid conflict with Russia


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky surprised the world by attending the Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia, where he sought support in his confrontation with Russia..


Despite Russian air strikes that wreaked havoc on both countries, Zelensky was determined to oppose any attempt to subjugate Ukraine. In his speech, Zelensky recalled the history of invasion and occupation in the Arab world to highlight Ukraine’s struggle for sovereignty.

Saudi Arabia: a new regional approach

Zelensky’s presence at the summit is due to the diplomacy of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who is seeking regional rapprochement and has shown interest in resolving the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia has reestablished diplomatic ties with Iran, led peace efforts in Syria and pledged economic support to Ukraine.. However, it has resisted pressure from the United States to cut Russian revenues by increasing oil production.


An unusual combination

The summit meeting between Zelensky and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad was an unusual combination. because of the different views of the Arab countries towards the war in Ukraine.

While Russia has received support from some Arab states, Zelensky found a willing audience to listen to his concerns in Saudi Arabia.

The call for Arab solidarity

Zelensky took the opportunity to condemn Iran’s supply of Russian weapons and highlighted the suffering of Muslim Tatars in Crimea under Russian occupation. While he avoided naming Arab countries indifferent to Russia’s violations, his message called for solidarity and the rejection of any outside interference in Arab affairs.


Reactions and perspectives

Zelensky’s visit to Saudi Arabia has sparked interest and prompted a variety of reactions. While some Arab countries, such as Qatar, oppose Assad’s rehabilitation and continue to support the Syrian opposition, others see the summit as an opportunity for peace and development in the region. Western countries stand by their position to reject Assad and pledge to maintain sanctions that hinder Syria’s reconstruction.

Despite the challenges, Zelensky has managed to grab the attention of Arab leaders and gain support in his conflict with Russia. The Ukrainian president continues his international agenda in search of allies willing to support Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty. The visit to Saudi Arabia marks a milestone in his efforts to ensure regional solidarity and support.

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