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Senior Russian official warns of “colossal risks” of delivering F-16 jets to Ukraine


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Amid the conflict with Russia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko has warned Western countries of the colossal consequences they could face if they decide to supply these planes to Ukraine.


The risks of supplying F-16 aircraft to Ukraine

The climbing scenario

The delivery of F-16 jets to Ukraine is seen as an escalation scenario in the conflict with Russia.

This move could further escalate tension between the two countries and increase the likelihood of a major armed conflict.

Grushko warns that this escalation entails enormous risks for the Western countries involved themselves.


Colossal risks for Western countries

State Secretary Grushko emphasizes that Western countries should take into account the great risks they would run by supplying F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

These risks could have political as well as military implications and affect the stability and security of the region.

Grushko warns that Russia is prepared to meet these challenges and achieve its goals in any scenario.


Answer from Alexander Grushko

The then Russian ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko, at NATO headquarters in Brussels on July 13, 2016. (AFP/John Thiss)

In an interview with the Russian Tass news agency, Alexander Grushko expressed concern about the ongoing escalation of the conflict.

The senior Russian official noted that the risks associated with the supply of F-16 aircraft will be taken into account in all plans of Russia and that they have the necessary resources to achieve the objectives set.

Joe Biden supports the training of Ukrainian pilots in F-16 fighters

United States President Joe Biden has approved the training of Ukrainian pilots in F-16 fighters as a step ahead of the eventual delivery of these aircraft to Ukraine.

This decision is part of a change in the Biden administration’s gun policy, which aims to provide Ukraine with more advanced and deadlier weapons for its defense.

Biden has stressed that the purpose of sending weapons to Ukraine is to enable its defense capabilities and discourage attacks on Russia.

Ukraine’s request for Western aircraft

Advantages of advanced aircraft

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022, Ukraine has requested Western aircraft, arguing that these advanced aircraft would give them a significant advantage in the conflict.

The F-16 fighter jets are highly advanced and could enable Ukraine to attack Russian forces more effectively.

Superiority of F-16s over the current Ukrainian fleet

Ukrainian leaders have claimed that the F-16 jets are superior to their current fleet of Soviet-era fighter jets.

The modernization of the battle fleet is considered vital to improve Ukraine’s defensive capabilities and balance military power in the region.

Future decisions about F-16 fighters

Decisions on when, how many and who will deliver the fourth-generation F-16 fighters will be made in the coming months as training of Ukrainian pilots continues.

These decisions will have a significant impact on the development of the conflict and the response of Russia and Western countries.

Global sanctions against Moscow in response to the escalation of the conflict

In response to the escalating conflict, G7 leaders have introduced a new set of global sanctions against Moscow and plan to strengthen existing financial sanctions.

These measures are designed to limit Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war efforts and pressure Russia to seek diplomatic solutions to the conflict.


The possible delivery of F-16 jets to Ukraine poses significant risks and concerns for both Western countries and Russia. While Ukraine tries to strengthen its defensive capabilities, Russia warns of the colossal consequences of this action. Joe Biden’s approval of training Ukrainian pilots in F-16 fighters reflects a change in US gun policy. Future decisions on F-16 fighters and global sanctions against Moscow will affect the course of the conflict and the search for a peaceful solution.

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