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Ukraine breaks the stalemate on the battlefield: start of the counter-offensive?


Ukraine manages to break through Russian defenses in the southeast of the country for the second day in a row, a milestone that could mark the start of a counter-offensive.


Russian and Ukrainian reactions to the advance on the battlefield

Russian authorities have described the Ukrainian attacks as the start of the counter-offensive, but have not confirmed the scale of the effort. In Ukraine, authorities say their armed forces are stepping up offensive operations.

In addition, some of the Russian ads have been questioned, attributed to an intent to spread disinformation.

Vladimir Rogov, a pro-Russian government official in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia province, has reported renewed fighting on the Donetsk border following a Ukrainian advance.


Ukrainian strategy in the war scenario

Rogov interprets these military actions as part of a Ukrainian attempt to reach the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and cut off the land route to Crimea. This strategic move could make it difficult to supply the peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014.

For its part, the Russian army claims to have foiled the Ukrainian attacks in Donetsk. However, US sources claim that the Russian actions do not appear to have affected Ukrainian operations.

On the Ukrainian front, it is emphasized that defense operations in several areas include counter-offensive actions.


Preparing the ground for the Ukrainian counter-offensive

According to retired general Richard Barrons, Ukraine is said to be in the preliminary phase of its counter-offensive, looking for weaknesses in Russian defenses. This process can take several weeks.

Ukraine’s military advance is supported by advanced weapons supplied by Western allies. Ukraine could launch offensives in different parts of the front line, which stretches for about 1,100 kilometers.

The breakthrough marks a major change on the battlefield after months of stalemate.



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